ICAS Assessment

This is the registration page to manage ICAS Assessments from getting started through to results release.



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ICAS quick reference guide

This is your go to guide for all

reach assessments


ICAS User guide for online testing (coming soon)


Technical Requirements

ICAS available papers


ICAS dates


ICAS Terms and Conditions


Special Provisions Request Form

How to notify UNSW Global about the special needs of your students.


Alternative Sitting dates request form



Parent instructions for locked-down browser

Request to install locked-down browser on BYOD student device. Only required for Spelling Bee and Writing.

ICAS promotional content

How to spread the word on ICAS Assessment


Prepare for testing

For Teachers

Teacher training presentation(coming soon)

Share this with colleagues who will be supervising the test

For Students

Practice interaction test & sample papers

Share these with students so they can familiarize themselves with the test

For Devices

Technical Requirements

Check student devices are test ready. Includes links to the mandatory technical readiness test and to the locked-down browser installation instructions(Spelling and

writing only)


Sit the test


Review results

School staff, students and parents may access the results online in the Results and Reports Portal.